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Ballast Bricks: Sea forever

JC Budding_ballast_bricks
  • The story of Sea Captain Date is literally anchored to the use of ballast bricks in colonial sailing vessels. These hand-crafted clay bricks were fired in extreme temperatures and sent to local ports for the Trans-Atlantic Voyage. During the crossing captains used the bricks as a weight and balance method in the hold of the ship. Once in the new world  “America” the bricks were decommissioned and used to build structures, docks, and roads.
                Fast forward to 1986, Bill Kay an independent mason began to harvest these bricks from harbors and structures. His goal of building eco friendly structures, rich in history slowly took shape. During the many excavations in harbors, Bill met many captains, this lead him to the seas.  For the next 10 years Bill learned the trade of the sea.  During the warm months he worked closely with masonry companies moving the ballast bricks and in the winters he would sail to warmer climates.
                Captain Bill’s first wife had passed many years prior. He was still a bachelor and realized many of his seafaring pals were searching for a first mate of their dreams, but not catching many keepers. He realized a need for a niche dating site to help single boat captains just like him.
                The rest is history, in 2007 Sea Captain Date took to the seas of the internet and never looked back. Now Days the site is expanding to encompass all captains and has added the domain address
                To commemorate the success of Sea Captain Date a limited time PicBrick has been released. This painted brick is perfect to hold down books on a windy beach, keep your beach house door open, and showcase your happy couples outdoors.