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Sea Captain Date


  • 64 | M | Straight | Single
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    So I have posted here once or twice, and haven't had much luck. Although the last person I found on here I dated for 3 years, so I believe there is a chance of actually meeting someone on Sea Cap Date.
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  • 52 | M | Straight | Married
    Jacksonville, Florida

    Who's up for some irish coffee, flirtatious conversation and some safe, erotic and sensual fun?
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  • 60 | M | Straight | Single
    Norfolk, Virginia

    I'm not looking to have sex or get oral in the car. I'm Interested in old time courting with an attractive woman. I love to hold hands and kiss and snuggle. We can go out sailing, out to dinner, concerts, sporting events, shopping, movies, etc, etc. I would prefer someone that is under 21.
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  • 30 | M | Straight | Single
    Sunny Point, North Carolina

    Where the bitches at? All I see are sea captains.

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  • 61 | M | Straight | Single
    Padre Island, Texas

    I just got back from a long sea voyage and I'm really real hungry ;)

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  • 49 | M | Straight | Single
    Providence, Rhode Island

    When I'm not driving my boat, I'm driving my Benz. I'd love to take you for a spin in both.

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  • 39 | M | Curious | Single
    Seattle, Washington

    I only like asian women. If you message me, you better be asian. I don't like it when my inbox is full of white girls.

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  • 52 | M | Straight | Single
    Newark, New Jersey

    Don't get me wrong my life as a bachelor on the open sea is great but lately I've been thinking about finding the right woman and settling down. Maybe having a little captain or two and just growing old together...
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  • 42 | M | Straight | Single
    Tampa Bay, Florida

    I can't believe I never heard of this site before. This is amazing!!!

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  • 47 | M | Gay | Single
    Gulfport, Mississippi

    Look I'm NOT interested in JUST "hooking up" with you, captain hook. I want something more, you know?

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