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Sea Captain Date


  • 76 | M | Straight | Married
    Boca Raton, Florida

    Before you ask, I AM married but my wife and I have an "open" thing going on. So it's cool.

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  • 63 | M | Straight | Single
    Corpus Christi, Texas

    I'm only looking for a pen pal until I'm back @ port. Slight issue - we don't get wi-fi here on the ship so we're going to have to work something out. Proficient CB radio operators a plus.
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  • 29 | M | Straight | Single
    Sunny Point, North Carolina

    Man, I had this exact idea for a sea captain dating site like five years ago!

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  • 51 | M | Straight | Single
    Newark, New Jersey

    My favorite show right now is Mad Men. IT'S AMAZING. I don't know but something about that Don Draper really reminds me of my younger self. Except I never worked in an ad agency. I have always worked on a ship.
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  • 56 | M | Straight | Single
    Charlestown, South Carolina

    I love to cook. All my crew tell me I make the best french toast they've ever had. No joke. I think I was a French chef in a previous life! I really would like a pretty wife to cook a hot meal for every night.
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  • 34 | M | Straight | Single
    Freeport, Texas

    I'm usually pretty picky about who I date but beggars can't be choosers so I decided to lower my standards. Just signed up for an account today.
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  • 51 | M | Curious | Single
    Tacoma, Washington

    My boatswain found a girlfriend on this site and he's only been using it for a week. I've been here for three years. WHAT THE FUCK Sea Captain Date?

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  • 36 | M | Straight | Single
    Stockton, California

    I enjoy spending time outdoors, the sound and sights of the ocean, the start of a new day at sunrise, the color of the sunset, and light BDSM.

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  • 59 | M | Straight | Single
    Miami, Florida

    Recently divorced. NO KIDS but let's just say I have a few "trust" issues with women thanks to that bitch. I want to take it sloooow.

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  • 61 | M | Straight | Straight
    Savannah, Georgia

    I've been working out a lot lately so my profile pic isn't a good representation of me.

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